Bounce Boot Camps

Bounce is now offered 2 days a week!!
Tuesday & Thursdays
At 6 PM each night at:
Big Foot High School Fitness Center
(behind the school)
401 Devils Ln.
Walworth, WI 53184
for more info.

Tuesdays-Abs and Core
Designed to hit all those trouble spots on the
body, as well as activate the core to combine
both the upper and lower body together.

Designed to combine all the above Bounce
classes with a fast paced timing pattern that
works every muscle, as well as keep your heart
rate up to crush calories.

All Bounce Classes are intended to be able to have
FUN while you work out and combine muscle building
with your cardio to get them both done at once.
Oh yeah, and by the way, these classes are all
done with the LIGHTS OFF with colored L.E.D. lights
lighting the way. It's almost like working out in a
night club(without alcohol the flashing light part).

Come out and check us out.
Please call for prices.

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