Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mind Over Fatter: How Stress Makes Us Fat And What YOU Can Do About It. Part 3

The Five Keys To Unlocking The Fat Loss
Factor Mindset

  1. Success leaves clues: Don't try to reinvent the wheel. Talk to people who have been successful at losing weight and keeping it off. Really pay attention to their mindset and their attitude.

2. There is no failure, only feedback: This is where to start to change your mindset. Nothing that you do can be a failure if you learn from it. Remember if you know better, then you do better. Look at Thomas Edison. He "failed" 10,000 before he created the light bulb. But when asked how he persevered, he said that he discovered 10,000 ways to not make a light bulb. He never failed.
3. People have all the ability they need to succeed: You have success within you. I promise. What you don't have are the skill sets needed to change. This is what I am giving to you. You have to use it and apply it. Knowledge by itself isn't power. Knowledge +action equals power. The real part that people are missing is the doing portion. Nothing will happen until something moves.
4. The people with the greatest flexibility are the ones who will most successfully navigate problem situations to achieve desired change: You have to be adaptable in losing weight. It is virtually impossible for anyone to stay on the straight and narrow. Life always happens. Do your best and if you start to stray, go back and read key number 3 listed above.
5. The highest priority emotional requirement for everyone is the innate desire to feel loved and appreciated: This is what drives our actions. This is why everyone is always trying to look good for everyone else. Don't believe me? Step back for a second and think about why you do the things that you do... and also look around you. You'll get the picture : )
Well, I hope that you enjoyed this lesson. Now here is your homework assignment: I want you to make a top 10 list of what you think a healthy mindset should be. Change it around the best you can so that it will apply to you.
Now, read it every day for a month. Some say that a daily habit is created in 21 days. Let's be safe and give it a month!

10 Elements Of A Healthy Mindset

This is an example of what you want your mindset to look like.
1. Have an increased awareness and appreciation of yourself and your body.
2. Set aside time each day to perform rituals, or to relax and meditate. Do yoga, or tai chi (amazing for stress reduction), read the bible, pray and be thankful
3. Keep in touch with close relationships
4. The ability to adapt to ever changing conditions.
5. Always craving physical activity, and healthy food for that matter-exercise, eat right, and take good nutritional supplements.
6. Laughs a lot.- A great comedy can really make you feel better. You can also force a smile (believe me this works wonders and is contagious)
7. I Want to have fun and do things.- Don't be anti-social!
8. Always see the glass as half full. Have an optimistic attitude and be hopeful.
9. Always care about how you look and about your body; Not letting go it go downhill. Your outside is a reflection of your inside!
10. Never lets worry bother them; Rejects worry. Don't ever sweat the small stuff!
I hope that you enjoyed this series about "Mind Over Fatter.
Please work on applying as any of these principles as you can.
If you are just starting out, take baby steps, and work your way

These tips are all part of the Fat Loss Factor Nutrition program.
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Have an Amazing Day!!!

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